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Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced in-vehicle technology experts. 

We are proud of our professionally trained and carefully chosen in-vehicle technology experts. All CAR-TEK technicians have passed a rigorous test of current vehicle technology standards and features for today's technology heavy loaded automobiles.  We ensure all of our technology experts are specialist of YOUR cars' features and capabilities.

You paid for it...CAR-TEK  will help you use it!

Personalized in-vehicle technology experts


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CAR-TEK   Automobile In-vehicle Technology Assistance



The modern car is a computer on wheels and the connected car is becoming the hottest model on dealer lots.  Consumers are looking for solutions that allow them to stay connected to their digital lives wherever they are.  This makes the automobile the COOLEST mobile device going and CAR-TEK wants to make sure you are using all of your cars features and capabilities.  

CAR-TEK technicians are proficient and trained for today's in-vehicle technology and innovation. 

We are committed to servicing the needs of our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and experienced technology experts who will help personalize your automobile and help utilize all of its features.  Contact us and schedule an at-home appointment today!

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CAR-TEK is dedicated to ensuring all car owners understand and utilize their automobiles' in-vehicle technology features.  We are committed to servicing the needs of our customers with professionalism, honesty and expertise.  We believe that friendly and effective communication with our customers, training them on the features of their automobile will make the joy of new car ownership an even better experience! You paid for it, CAR-TEK will help you use it!

Automobile in-vehicle technology assistance